Self indulgent, that’s what this is. I can also have access to recipes away from home. Finally, it lets me have a place where all the things I am repeatedly asked about can be gathered together (like recipes, information on ingredients, where the hell I get said ingredients, etc.).

I cook, I eat, I explore foods of the world.

William S. Young, along with photography and trains, was a major influence on my interest in food.

I like Jeff Smith, the Frugal Gourmet, he inspired me (and didn’t molest children, he was just accused of hitting on male interns, never convicted–so maybe, at the worst he was gay [I think it was just a money scam] and in the closet, but probably just a nice guy with a bit of money that some greedy jerks scammed).

Julia Child was brilliant, skip all other books by her and get The Way To Cook, period.

Anthony Bourdain. Food Porn.

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